There’s Snow place like home!

I’m fuzzy headed and fuzzy hearted

I have to move on from feeling alone

And recognize the wealth and size of my own

Snow Dome.

When I shake it, the glitter glides

And sprinkles and flashes to my sides

spilling the sparkling debris of the positive vibes around me.

When it settles and all is still –  I feel cold

And close and turned in.

I see the faults and the flaws

And the me wanting more.

I see cracks and gaps and

Heavy Underscore

Of my life Alone.

Without cuddles and loves,

And the occasional

‘There there’

The pats on the back and the stokes on the skin,

That support that ensure

I get up once more.

I have to remember

And try to recall how very

Lucky I am to have what I have

And how it means more.

I live in a the 1st world with all it’s

Wi-Fi, and tweets and coffee mocha, fair trade treats,

Spread ankle deep at my feet.

I’m lucky to live and lucky to be alive

Of course I must work

Ofcourse I must strive

For this is reality

And it’s dark and it’s gloomy –

More like a shoes box than a sea side trophy.

SO I suck it up and I shake it up

And gaze at the glitters

As it falls from the sky,  and settles in drifts.

Then clicking the heels of my ruby slippers,

I remember there’s no place like home,

No place

like my snowdome.



Three words taken out of context..



Ankle deep.


I must remember to see clearly my life around me.


If need be I will underscore how lucky I am and

How many and much and more I have.


I’m ankle deep in people and stuff

and I must remember to underscore the good

and rub out the naff.