Sandy Beaches
Creating a character is like a form of shamanic channelling. It goes deeper than a set of colourful costumes and a wig. It is about embodying and understanding the motivations, the meanings and the wherefor and allowing that embodied character to take over briefly while the magic happens.

Delores – Dragon Keeper

Games of  Thrones pisstake as inspired by 6 Music’s Lauren Lavern as she ambled around Glastonbury Festival.

Sam I Am – Silent Clown

Traditional male clown. Somewhat folorn and as ever lonely and looking for love and acceptance.


Cassie – Storyteller

Translating traditional stories into modern parlance using modern cultural references and politically correct attitudes to blood thirsty tales of bygone times.


Sandy Beaches – terrifying tour guide

The tour guide from hell. Specialising in insignificant and irrelevant detail, Sandy Beaches engages and terrifies in equal measure as she strides gaily around urban landscapes looking for her lost coach party.