Rise up Rise up……..

Chug chug chug- little engine, puff puff

Over the hill,

The end is in sight,

peaks  out at the mouth of the endless tunnel of darkness.

Truly one day you’ll be free,

Free from the rigors of life the stresses of pain,

But don’t give up

It’s all a game

One must continue, one must strive,

The lesson in life are all to survive.

Chin up , chest out,

Shoulders back.

Stiff upper  lip, don’t’ quack like a duck

Best foot forward and all that!

It’s easy to use words that mean not a lot,

It’s actions that scream from the roof tops.

Dress with pride, smile big

Smile wide.

Embrace the morning,

As if ‘s    nothing is  wrong,

Listen to the simple birds

Tweeting a morning song,

Confused by the street lights that burn all night long.

They are happy for day light and sun like chance.

We should be too.

The mind is a mystery of whys and wherefores,

The woes it extends,

and invisible foes it creates.

It’s hard to over -ride the hard drive,

But let your heart rule your head,

Be foolish and sing,

Skips and smile

Be kind to dumb things.

Imagine a better world of happy things,

Where people are kind

To kith and kin.

I can’t find the words to say be brave

Other than be brave.

Throw a stick for the black dog and send it away.

Look with kind eyes.

Be good to your soul, your spirit, your love.

Be good to your life

It’s the one that you have.